Closer to home. Closer to health.

The family of caregivers and healthcare professionals at Caton Park invites you to stay with us while journeying towards renewed wellbeing. Come live life surrounded by those important to you while enjoying quality healthcare to aid your complete recovery.



Leading the way back home



Here for you. With expert care.


Improving as swiftly as our residents do.

If you’ve got a smile on your face, care in your heart, and a drive to do good, come and join us at Brooklyn Gardens. Together, we can uplift the spirits of our residents and light up their lives.



We are happy to announce that visitation is open for all residents. 

Please keep in mind that all visits will have to follow CDC guidelines for infection control, which can include, but are not limited to the wearing of PPE and social distancing. Visitors that are exhibiting signs or symptoms of Covid-19 or that have tested positive for Covid-19 should not come to the facility regardless of vaccination status.

Visitors should be aware that there are risk factors associated with visiting residents that are on quarantine or transmissions based precautions.

Should any visitor develop signs or symptoms or test positive for Covid-19, they must contact the facility immediately.

While you can visit at anytime, we recommend visits between 10AM and 8PM.

Should you have any questions, please call the Social Services Department.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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